Returning to Mother Earth

Returning to Mother Earth (SDG 5 & 13) in Nogojiwanong | Peterborough (2023)


Project Goals

Returning to Mother Earth in Nogojiwanong | Peterborough is a project led by Kawartha World Issues Centre (KWIC). We will advance gender equality and climate action locally through participatory action research via community conversations with a focus on gender equality, climate action and diverse local experiences. These conversations will inform youth workshops to be offered in Winter and Spring 2024 to local classes and youth groups.


Project Context

For many years, KWIC has worked to advance and amplify gender equality, climate action and sustainable development. Through recent projects, we saw the need for a space dedicated to exploring the intersecting experiences of gender equality and climate action. Returning to Mother Earth will educate and engage local community members in conversations on gender equality, climate action, climate justice and diverse local experiences. We will continue to bring a gendered analysis to the underlying principle, Leaving No One Behind. 


Project Activities

  • The Community Conversations will be a multi-generational initiative engaging in accessible, interactive sessions to enable individuals of different backgrounds to speak from lived experience, learn about the targets and progress for the 2030 SDG Agenda, and contribute to the collaborative development of workshops.
  • Through strategic partnerships, we aim to directly engage 50 individuals in 5 Community Conversations, starting with an Indigenous voices Community Conversation.
  • Community Conversations will take place in Fall 2023.
  • The Youth Workshops will be informed by the Community Conversations and localized, educating on how to advance gender equality and climate action locally to make a global and local impact.
  • We aim to engage approximately 400-500 local youth through 15 subsidized workshops.
  • Community Workshops will take place Fall 2024
Photo of project outline
Photo of project outline

Connecting for Change!

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