Community-based Research

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Community-based Research

KWIC supports community-based, student research by hosting interns from the Trent Community Research Centre (TCRC) and through independent projects, such as Creating Inclusive & Welcoming Youth Spaces and Why Youth "Don't" Get Involved.

Currently, KWIC has no research postings.

Please check back, or if you have an idea, connect with us to get started!

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Past KWIC Research Projects through TCR (beginning in Aug'99):

26 Guide to Global Education Activities

28 World Issues Education Kit

156 Communication and Information Coordination 00-01

157 School Program Co-ordination 00-01

323 Communication and Information Co-ordinator 01-02

324 School Program Co-ordination 01-02

392 Assistant Coordinator - Global Education Conference

408 Global Citizens in Our Community

420 Rights and Responsibilities of Global Citizenship

441 Co-Ordinator Global Education Workshops - Primary

442 Co-Ordinator, Global Education Workshops - Secondary

444 Coordinators - Global-Environmental Education Events

445 Coordinator - PALS Program

456 Interactive Website Development

533 Cross-Cultural Education

535 Global Education Workshop Co-ordination

536 Global Learning Resource Room Evaluation

581 History of KWIC's Social Justice Work

650 Speakers Bureau

769 Person's Day Breakfast

815 Speakers Bureau Database

834 Best Practices for Maintaining a Speakers' Bureau

880 Person's Day Breakfast

897 Environmental Justice Conference

4233 Youth Perspectives on Celantrocapitalism

4235 Social Media/World Issues Content Writer

4299 Evaluating a Communications Strategy

4300 World Issues Database Development

4331 Fair Trade Peterborough

4685 Mapping Global Education in Peterborough & The Kawarthas








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