KWIC’s work would not be possible without the generous support of our community. We are supported by generous individual and group donors, foundations, local businesses and organizations, and community volunteers of all ages – people just like you!

KWIC’s work in the community depends on the skills and enthusiasm of a dedicated group of volunteers. 

Opportunities include:

  • Governance on the KWIC Board of Directors
  • Committees: Program, Fundraising, Communications
  • Academic Placements & Research
  • Working Groups
  • The KWIC E.Y.E Centre
  • Communications and Administration
  • Outreach & Fundraising Activities

KWIC Principles of Volunteerism:

  • KWIC recognizes that volunteers are a vital human resource and will commit to the appropriate infrastructure to support volunteers.  KWIC’s practices ensure effective volunteer involvement.  KWIC commits to providing an accountable and supportive environment for volunteers.
  • Volunteers make a commitment to act with integrity in accordance to the Volunteer & Human Rights Codes, to participate in an orientation and training, as required of their position, and to demonstrate respect for all staff, volunteers and program participants, including user of the resource centre.

KWIC Volunteer Intake Form

For more information, please do get in touch: volunteer@kwic.info
We look forward to meeting you! 

Join our Board of Directors

KWIC is accepting applications to join our board of directors! Visit our website, www.kwic.info and click the volunteer tab to review a description of board member duties and responsibilities. Interested candidates should submit an application form (found here) along with a resume and/or cover letter to: jobs@kwic.info

Full description of duties and responsibilities for KWIC Director at Large

Connecting for Change!

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