March 30, 2009: Local Global Youth Conference: A World of Inspiration

March 24th, 2009

For immediate release: Local Global Youth Conference: A World of Inspiration

The Kawartha World Issue Centre invites youth, 14 to 24 years of age, to participate in its annual spring youth conference, Global Youth Day (GYD), on Thursday, April 23rd, from 9am to 3:30pm at the Market Hall in Peterborough.

This one-day community-based youth conference will bring together over 100 local and area youth. Those in attendance will be able to participate in amazing workshops, get to know other youth who want to make a difference, network with various local organizations and businesses, and get in touch with other youth who are using their skills to help make a positive impact around the world.

This year’s theme is “Socially Conscious Creativity: A World of Inspiration.”  During skill-based workshops and plenary keynote speakers, youth will have the opportunity to explore relevant social and environmental justice issues through various art mediums, and from a variety of perspectives.  For example, a facilitator from the Ardoch Algonguin First Nation will lead a discussion on creative resistance to uranium mining and in our personal lives; youth can participate in popular theatre workshops for HIV/AIDS education with a community activist from Sierra Leone, or to reveal ‘status’ with a professional theatre artist, sustainable eating by creative cooking with Food Not Bombs, video activism and public policy with the local JSH Make Poverty History Group, ad busting media bias of world affairs, music with a social conscience and silk screening to get your message seen!. The conference connects youth with other youth interested in making a difference in the world and during a lunch networking event, with local organizations and businesses whose values intersect with the conference theme.

Keynote speaker, ETERNIA, is an internationally known hip-hop artist, and an active member of 'The 411 Initiative for Change'. 411 is a project which uses art and culture to foster cultural understanding and to raise awareness on social and humanitarian issues, while providing youth with opportunities to voice their opinions. Local youth will be encouraged to share their ideas on pertinent local and world issues during the conference at the 'Youth Speakers Corner', and in the participatory workshops.

Global Youth Day 2009 has been organized by a youth working group that has been meeting regularly since October 2008, and is sponsored in-part by the City of Peterborough. This local conference is held in conjunction with Global Youth Service Days - the world's largest international celebration of youth volunteerism. GYD is packed full of hands on ways to get your voice heard and learn about social issues that impact us all - so come on out!

Registration is in advance. Suggested fee is $5 or pay what you can, and include locally make snacks and lunch. Youth can register for Global Youth day at Registration forms and info can also be found at For more info, contact Julie at Kawartha World Issues Centre at 748-1680.

The Kawartha World Issues Centre (KWIC) is a local grassroots global education and resource centre which promotes understanding and dialogue of world issues to enable people to engage in positive social and environmental change.