Internships, education placements, research projects

KWIC is pleased to host students for various job placements and projects throughout the academic year to provide students the opportunity to get involved in social justice and environmental issues while developing on the job experience.    

Listed below are the internships, projects and placements KWIC offers:

Trent Centre for Community Based Education (TTCBE)

KWIC hosts several TCCBE interns each academic year.  TCCBE is an independent, charitable organization that connects post-secondary students and faculty with local organizations to create community-based research, community service-learning and experiential education opportunities.  

Examples of past projects:

Youth Perspectives on Celantrocapitalism

The purpose of this project is to engage local youth in critical and reflective dialogue about the emerging trend of celebrities aligning themselves with world issues through philanthropy, by asking key questions: What is Celantrocapitalism? Does compassionate consumption help or hinder long-term development goals? What are implications for youth participation in celantrocapitalism? The key project goal is to engage high school youth in critical dialogue exploring current issues and trends in global social justice.

Social Media/World Issues Content Writer

The purpose of this project is to support the host organization's mandate by providing public education and engagement on relevant world issues and their local connections in a timely manner - using various communications and social media tools.

Trent International Subsidy Program (TIP)

KWIC hires a TIP position each academic year.  TIP provides subsidies for on-campus part-time jobs for International students. Since full-fee paying international students have financial need but are not eligible for OWSP-subsidized on-campus positions, the Trent International Program offers subsidies to Departments, Colleges, Administrative Service Units, Faculty, etc. interested in hiring international students during the academic year. 

Ontario Work Study Program (OWSP)

KWIC hires several OWSP positions each year.  Positions will be posted through the OWSP.

Education Students

Alternative Settings Placements

Education students interested in social justice and environmental issues can complete their alternative settings placement at KWIC. Projects may include:

  • Creating curriculum-based workshops for both high school and elementary students
  • Delivering in-school workshops

Please contact Julie for more information about completing your placement at KWIC.