Seeds for Justice Facilitators Collective

The Facilitators Collective is a Seeds for Justice initiative hosted under the Kawartha World Issues Centre. Entirely youth-driven, the Collective’s goal is to develop and deliver social and environmental justice-themed workshops to youth in Peterborough and the surrounding areas. Our peer-to-peer model encourages dialogue and an understanding of both local and global issues while inspiring hope and change. The Facilitators Collective’s  workshops are fun and interactive and operate using a popular education and anti-oppression framework, as we are committed to making learning and education an accessible and safe space for all!

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Price & Length

The cost for 1 workshop is $150. If you would like a longer workshop (or more than one) a half-day of programming (3 hours) is $200 and a full day of programming (6 hours) is $300. We encourage schools to take advantage of the deal offered in booking a full day of programming, as the cost can be shared across classrooms, allowing 2 or more classes to receive workshop programming throughout the day!

Each workshop runs for approximately 1.5 hours long (up to 2 hours) but can be adapted to fit within your classroom schedule and grade level.  Please note that a teacher or supervisor must be present at all times for the duration of the workshop.  Our capacity for workshops is approximately 30 participants.

As an organization committed to equity and accessibility if the costs listed are prohibitive workshop subsidies may be available depending on our current funding. To inquire about subsidies, please contact Rachelia at


"These (youth leadership) workshops helped support our student government at a crucial time as they undertook a significant reorganization of their structure. The workshops helped them define their objectives, develop strategies for inclusion, and nurture skills in interpersonal communication and public speaking. These workshops have our strongest recommendation." - Peter Mullins, Teacher - Kenner CVI

"Rachelia and her team of volunteers at KWIC are always enthusiastic, and respectful during workshops. I really enjoyed the strength based approach KWIC uses to describe youths' place in their community. The youth really appreciated the difference in approach from a traditional classroom. The approach peaked their interest and the students felt comfortable to share. 

I would recommend [their workshops to] anyone working with youth, especially those who are working together to achieve a goal. Student run councils, civics classes, especially could benefit from the leadership-style activities, and community mapping. I would really recommend anyone who works with youth in schools or outside schools to reach out to KWIC, they really worked with us to make sure it was a meaningful experience to our participants!" - Katie McKeiver, Youth Suspension and Explulsion Program - John Howard Society


Poster for Stories of Place
NEW! Stories of Water in Nogojiwanong (Peterborough)
Adaptable for grades 6-12

From the great rapids of the Otonabee to the Liflocks and mnomin, participants learn about the interconnected stories of water in Nogojiwanong (Peterborough) from various perspectives, including Indigenous peoples and newcomers, through interactive storytelling and art. Participants will learn the effects human settlement has had on the water while encouraging participants to consider the concept of water friendship and how they can build or strengthen their relationship with water.

Climagration: How Migration is Affected by & Contributing to Climate Change

Currently appropriate for high-school and university students; we're adapting to grades 6-8!
Using a life size board game simulation, explore the complex issue of climate change influenced migration on an international scale. By playing Climagration participants will gain an understanding of international relationships and politics between the Global North and South, the disproportionate effects of climate change (economic, political, social, ecological), and the emergence of climate refugees.

Making Connections: Climate Change 101
Adaptable for grades 4-10

Using popular theatre and education-based activities, participants will explore the key concepts of climate change and the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change from a personal, local and global perspective.

Making Connections: Climate Change & Water
Adaptable for grades 1-6

From watersheds to ocean acidification, participants will explore the effects of climate change on local and major water sources, using an interactive, hand-crafted local watershed display and exciting science experiments!

Making Connections: Food Waste & Climate Change
Adaptable for grades 3-8

Have you ever wondered what happens to the food that does not make it to the grocery store, or that you scrape off your plate? Using hands-on activities, participants will get creative (and maybe dirty!) while exploring the impact of food waste on the climate and our water and the importance of reducing food waste through individual and system solutions. 


Be the Change: Practicing Democracy Everyday
Adaptable for grades 8-12

If young people can't vote until age 18, how can they bring about change? This workshop, which will get you on your feet and let you explore your creative side, will introduce the idea of participatory democracy and explore how youth can change the world. Participants will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, and practice being an active citizen. This workshop is for anyone who wants to make a different in the world!

What’s the Difference? Moving from Charity to Social Justice
Adaptable for grades 4-12, as well as college and university level

This participatory workshop will introduce participants to the concept of social justice, distinguish between charity and social justice, and invite participants to think about the need for social change while providing examples and ways they can begin to take action in their local communities.

Collaborative Canvases: A Mural Making Workshop
Adaptable for grades 6-12, as well as college and university level
We recommend this workshop to run for 2-2.5 hours

In this workshop, every participant becomes an artist as we work together as a group to create a mural focused on a relevant theme, tailored for your group. After working through a facilitated group brainstorming session, youth will have the time and space to work either as a team or individually to plan and create their mural, which you get to keep. No previous art experience or skill necessary!

  • Themes: Community, self-identity, climate change & democracy. Or your own theme!

DIY Patch-Making: Crafting for Change!
Adaptable for grades 6-12, as well as college and university level

This workshop explores the historical use of arts and crafts in social change movements, and draws on the contemporary trend of personalized patches in youth activism to create a space for dialogue and reflection on critical global issues. Participants will gain media literacy skills as they make connections between messages and images, while practicing tactile design skills as they create their own ‘activist patches’ which can be pinned to clothing, backpacks and hats as a political statement and conversation starter!  

Seeing Yourself in a Changing World & Global Citizenship
Adaptable for grades 8-12, as well as college and university level
This is a 2 part series, and each workshop is 1.5 hours long. 

Using a variety of maps, participants will explore how our geographical and social identities shape our perspective of the world. Through the concept of global citizenship we will illuminate how youth are powerful agents for social and environmental change.

  • Additional Themes: Climate change,  Extractive industries (ex: mining)


Education for Change: Popular Education 101
Experience a different way of participatory learning and teaching, where everyone is both a learner and a teacher! Learn about the history of popular education, its applications, and how beginning from our own experiences can be the first step towards social change.

Introduction to Workshop Facilitation
Learn what makes for good design and facilitation in order to ensure any meeting or workshop you host runs smoothly!

Creating Inclusive & Welcoming Spaces
This experiential workshop will address barriers to youth involvement, and encourage participants to reflect on and share their own experiences as youth. We will also discuss the value of diverse youth leadership and engagement, while brainstorming ways we can all actively work to create welcoming spaces in our communities

Youth Leadership Tool Box

We also provide customized youth leadership workshops on a fee for service basis. Past examples include creating a consensus-based leadership workshop and customized communication strategy workshop for a local high-school student council.

Get in touch to let us know what the needs of your classroom or group are and we can give you a quote!